Hello, I'm Ana!

© Mariana Rivera


My name is Ana Seixas and I am a designer, illustrator and ceramist.
I was born in 1984 in Viseu, Portugal. Graduated in Design (University of Aveiro - Portugal), post-graduated in Editorial Design (Bau, Escola Superior de Disseny - Barcelona, ​​​​Spain) and also attended the Specialization Course in Illustration for Children's and Youth Publications (Eina, Escola d 'Art i Disseny - Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona).

I've been working as a freelancer since 2008, when I started as a designer for several companies. Now I dedicate my time to illustration work, collaborate with magazines, illustrate books, design for advertising campaigns, packaging and other projects that challenge me

My work is divided into two main fields: commercial work/projects for clients and development and production of printed editions and illustrated pieces to sell in my online shop.
I've always worked in shared workspaces, but in 2020 I took on the challenge of opening my own studio, with workspace and shop space. My atelier/shop is located in Porto, the city where I live with my two cats.

Clients and Publishers: The Guardian, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Fnac, Snapchat, Cabify, Parragon, Mudpuppy, Hansol Education Korea, Bloomsbury Publishing, Wide Eyed Books, Ivy Kids, Words & Pictures (Quarto Group Publishing), Santillana Educación, Apila Ediciones, Editions Marabout, Georges Magazine, Más Pimienta! Editorial, Pato Lógico, Lisbon Oceanarium, Nova SBE, JWT, Young & Rubicam.